What is FTP?

FTP Site Hosting

FTP Site Hosting is an online file storage and transfer service that provides three basic functions:

  1. Secure online storage of any/all file types and sizes
  2. Ability to share files with others in a secure manner
  3. Secure file transfers at high speeds

In “layman’s” terms, FTP Site Hosting services allow businesses and individuals to share large and small files between each other via the Internet in a secure and fast manner. It also provides a means to store files online on a secure file server that can only be accessed by individuals that posses a valid username and password.

FTP Client

This is simply a small piece of software which you can install on your computer to access a FTP Site Host.  These are available for all computing platforms and in many cases are already built into the operating system on your computer.  If this seems too technical, just visit FileZilla and download it to your computer and you will have your very own FTP client.